Sharing the Good, Inc. was an idea, long before it became a company. “Give small businesses and nonprofit organizations the C-level marketing communications resources they need, in an affordable way.”

For years, we saw a number of small businesses struggling to take advantage of the opportunities just outside their fingertips. They couldn’t afford an experienced marcom staff, so leadership and interns took on what work they could with what little time they had. Without a documented strategy, they chased erratic outputs instead of planning for strategic outcomes. These companies saw their website, social media, email marketing, and public relations as individual and disconnected pieces, often competing for time and budget. Worse, they viewed these efforts as a tax on their business–rather than opportunities to grow.

At Sharing the Good, we chose to serve these companies–small businesses and nonprofit organizations–without expert staff resources, documented strategy, and time to leverage their marcom assets. We believe their good should be shared. And we’re here to make sure it is.


We believe good should be shared. And we don’t think that should be too expensive or too much work for understaffed small businesses and underfunded nonprofit organizations. 

sherica sims
Shericca Sims
Simply Sims Family

“Thank you for coming to my rescue with straightforward and professional work.”

brian petters
Brian Patterson
Concordia University Chicago
Head Coach - Women's Lacrosse

“We think of Sharing The Good as our own dedicated marketing communication staff; we couldn’t have reached our target audience the way we do without their expertise.”

Kevin Mathers_headshot (2)
Kevin Mathers
KGM Home Inspection

Anyone who uses social media to expand their footprint in the business world must utilize a professional. Otherwise, you’re just going to blend in with everyone else. Bill came to me very highly regarded in marketing and social media management. Five minutes after we sat down I knew I wanted him on my team for KGM-Home Inspection. And my instincts proved me right. He has taken my business to another level in a very short time and it’s still growing. His intuition of trends and proper media content is uncanny. He knows when to act and initiate and when to watch. I have given him full control of all my media outlets without reservation. The smartest thing I could do was to hand it over, get out of his way and let him do what he does best.

Ryan Garcia
22q Family Foundation
Vice President / Director

It is rare that you find someone who, in the process of providing a service for you, becomes as passionate for your cause as you are. That is what you get when you work with Bill Skowronski and Sharing the Good. The dedication, effort, and quality is unmatched in the business. He allowed our non-profit (for which awareness is our #1 mission) to reach new segments of traffic, and attract users 20 fold from what we got the previous month. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Megan Melone
Megan Melone
Megan Melone Beauty
As a small business owner, website design and marketing are at the top of my priority list, but they aren’t my forte. I hired Sharing the Good to redesign my website, and also add a new blog and email marketing integration. They have not only met but EXCEEDED my expectations!! Bill listened to the intricacies of my career and understood the challenges pertaining to my craft. We now have a growing email list and a beautiful website which has saved me A LOT of time!
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