our strategy & philosophy

Here's What We Do Better


Consultants spend months creating strategic plans for under-resourced organizations, and then they’re done.

And that’s right where the plans end up. In the board room, on a shelf.

We have to be different. We know that these organizations deserve more.

— Bill Skowronski, Sharing The Good Founder

Our process begins with Analysis. If we don’t understand your situation, we can’t help you. And the first thing we analyze is the most important: your audience. We look at the audiences you have and the channels of communications you can use to reach them.

It’s not enough to know who your audiences are if you don’t know what you want them to do. So we use our Telescope Content Marketing Strategy to set SMART goals and plan effective outreach throughout the year. Using Telescope, you will reach the audience you want and better serve the audience you have.

Action is the difference between us and consultants. Most consultants don’t help assess the audiences you have and the audiences you want, as well as the channels of communication you can use to reach them. Our goal is not giving you more work to do with your limited resources. Our goal is sharing the good.

Things we can do for you

We create dynamic marketing campaigns and strategies that spotlight you in a creative and focused light to always hit your target markets.

This is a great time for marketing when consumers are now actively seeking meaningful relationships with brands. Brands that will define them.

We believe these relationships start with crafting an authentic brand story that taps into consumer curiosities. A story that puts human experiences before interruptions and never stops searching for ways to better the lives of those it interacts with. Through brand design, social marketing, content marketing campaigns, and other digital tactics we deliver meaningful content that people can’t help but talk about, and share.