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We’ve worked in nonprofit leadership and small businesses. We’ve seen overworked and understaffed leadership tasked with roles in which they have little experience.

You should hire someone with a holistic set of competencies and knowledge that can impact your organization’s direction. Whether that’s us or someone else, make sure they have the courage, the trust, the permission, and the authority to express that knowledge in a bold way. Be sure they are willing to push and challenge your company, to overcommunicate, and to ask stupid questions. Because not asking questions is how mistakes get made.


Sharing The Good offers Integrated Marketing Communications services. In other words, we align your owned, earned, and paid media channels to sure your Social Media and Email Marketing efforts grab your audience’s attention, show your impact, and drive traffic to your website where you can continue telling your story.

Why us?
Bill Skowronski Sharing the Good

Consultants spend months creating strategic plans for under-resourced organizations, and then they’re done. And that’s right where the plans end up. In the board room, on a shelf. At Sharing The Good, we have to be different. We know that these organizations deserve more.


We push Our Skills to new levels!
Digital Marketing Strategy
Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
amazing, RIGHT?
sherica sims
Shericca Sims
Simply Sims Family

“Thank you for coming to my rescue with straightforward and professional work.”

brian petters
Brian Patterson
Concordia University Chicago
Head Coach - Women's Lacrosse

“We think of Sharing The Good as our own dedicated marketing communication staff; we couldn’t have reached our target audience the way we do without their expertise.”

Kevin Mathers_headshot (2)
Kevin Mathers
KGM Home Inspection

Anyone who uses social media to expand their footprint in the business world must utilize a professional. Otherwise, you’re just going to blend in with everyone else. Bill came to me very highly regarded in marketing and social media management. Five minutes after we sat down I knew I wanted him on my team for KGM-Home Inspection. And my instincts proved me right. He has taken my business to another level in a very short time and it’s still growing. His intuition of trends and proper media content is uncanny. He knows when to act and initiate and when to watch. I have given him full control of all my media outlets without reservation. The smartest thing I could do was to hand it over, get out of his way and let him do what he does best.

Ryan Garcia
22q Family Foundation
Vice President / Director

It is rare that you find someone who, in the process of providing a service for you, becomes as passionate for your cause as you are. That is what you get when you work with Bill Skowronski and Sharing the Good. The dedication, effort, and quality is unmatched in the business. He allowed our non-profit (for which awareness is our #1 mission) to reach new segments of traffic, and attract users 20 fold from what we got the previous month. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Megan Melone
Megan Melone
Megan Melone Beauty
As a small business owner, website design and marketing are at the top of my priority list, but they aren’t my forte. I hired Sharing the Good to redesign my website, and also add a new blog and email marketing integration. They have not only met but EXCEEDED my expectations!! Bill listened to the intricacies of my career and understood the challenges pertaining to my craft. We now have a growing email list and a beautiful website which has saved me A LOT of time!
1. Design
2. Build
3. Promote
How does someone become an advocate, a loyal customer, a reliable donor, a volunteer or even an employee? Most people don’t think about that process very often, but it’s simple, really.
We call that process Telescope Communications.


Whether you’re serving a mission or selling a product, your target audience has to know you before it can help you.

Raising awareness involves putting your Why Story, your brand, and your offerings in front of people in order to gain initial exposure.

We can help raise awareness by using a number of tactics in a variety of channels. The key is determining which channels make the most sense for your target market. Let us help you establish your brand, craft your story, and build relationships with your audience, as well as media influencers who can expand your reach.


How many times have you said to yourself, “Oh, I didn’t know they did that”? Communications is storytelling. And the most effective way to increase understanding about your organization and the work you do is simply to tell people.

We offer creative copywriting and graphic design services to help tell your story in an engaging way, across platforms, so people who know you can know you better.


Every day, we’re bombarded with ads, images, and stories. The majority are quickly processed as white noise and discarded. So how do we stand out from the crowd? How do we generate interest when we have the opportunity?

Creating content is one thing–implementing an effective Content Marketing Strategy is another. We understand communication options can be overwhelming. As a result, many understaffed organizations settle for a minimum presence on-line, in social media, in print, and in public, when they could take advantage of these opportunities to attract, acquire and engage their target audience and inspire desirable action.

We resource decades of experience and tailored strategies to help you engage your target audiences, allowing you to be you.


What does support look like?

For some small businesses, building support means acquiring new sales, growing the number of loyal customers, increasing revenue, and creating new jobs. For nonprofit organizations, building support often means changing policy, serving the underprivileged, building a community of dedicated advocates, or establishing a network of passionate donors.

Without effective and strategic communications, organizations waste time and resources putting content where their audience won’t find it, or delivering the right people the wrong messages.

We help build support by sharpening the focus on your telescope. By developing audience personas and calls to action based on your goals, we can deliver relevant and valuable content at the right time, every time.


There is a success to be had at each step of our Telescope Communication Strategy. With every new person who becomes aware of you, we’re growing your potential audience. Each time someone better understands who you are and what you do, they are more inclined to act. Every piece of communication that generates interest, brings people closer to you. And each new supporter is an opportunity to deepen your impact.


Content Marketing has shifted the way nonprofit organizations ‘approach their target audiences. As nonprofit marketing expert and author, Kivi Leroux Miller explains in a Q& A video posted on the Nonprofit MarCommunity website, traditional marketing is an interruption. It gets in the way of what people are doing.

Unfortunately for businesses, we are so overwhelmed by marketing and advertising messages every day, that we have begun tuning them out. According to Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson, “We have to stop interrupting what people are interested in, and be what people are interested in.

That’s Content Marketing

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